Construire vos interactions client sur les applications mobiles et IPTV is a cross platform solution delivering high value customer care to mobile and TV applications. Our platform is built to easily implement our proprietary API’s with your existing contact center infrastructure and let you uniquely personalize your communication with individual customers through a variety of media including voice, Web, IM, e-mail, and video. provides a new generation of cloud communication API’s easy to integrate with your mobile and TV applications. Our API’s and SDK development tools bridge your current contact center platform with most devices.

_________________ : picture Key Features

+50 API’s to manage interaction through visual IVR, voice, Web, chat, e-mail, and video

Cross platform SDK : incredibly design to work with most contact center platforms

Built in the cloud : no hard, no software required

Friendly coding environment

Highlights and benefits

Enables your business to create personalized communication tools easy to embed on mobile apps and IPTV

Deliver superior customer service and support and enhance customer experience

Contact center ready : seamless integration with your contact center platform