Social media integration, CRM, audio transcription and more

Release of 15/01/2022

1. Integration on social networks

As with Facebook Messenger, collect and respond to incoming messages from Instagram and Twitter pages. Customer interactions can be qualified by keywords and then distributed to the most appropriate advisor to complete the request.

2. Salesforce and Hubspot integration

It is now possible to natively integrate data from ViaFlow automatically into Salesforce and Hubspot CRM tools at the end of a customer call.

3. Voicemail deterrence (transcription)

Now receive the transcript of a voice note left by the caller directly in your email.

Improved performance of the App Dashboard

Benefit from a more efficient dashboard that allows you to analyse the performance of your contact centre and your agents, or to monitor all your interactions live.

Supervisor's role

A new "Supervisor" role has been integrated for real-time monitoring.

Call log

Information about the satisfaction questionnaire or the customer's journey through your IVR (label and time stamps) has been added. 

For the rest of the new features of this release, see below: 

  • PBX: visual indicator on the agent application of the agent's SIP account status
  • Contact editing from the agent application via the form of your choice 
  • Dashboard: grouping of groups and services available
  • Predictive: possibility to leave a voice message after call attempts 
  • Email: possibility to link a mail service to a directory, to postcode (qualify) an outgoing mail, to define a signature per service and to define a list of addresses to use the agent (cc and cci) 
  • IVR Designer: addition of blocks for adding prices, dates; possibility of directing a call to a DID without necessarily going through our ACD

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