Messenger, Hubspot, Call Out Direct and more

Release of 10/11/2021

1. Messenger

Collect inbound messages from your company's Facebook Messenger page. Customer interactions can be qualified by keywords and then distributed to the most appropriate advisor to handle the request. 

2. Hubspot

A new Hubspot block is available in the IVR Designer module. This addition allows you to perform dynamic routing based on your CRM data from Hubspot.

These CRM data are grouped below:

  • Contacts ; 
  • Tracks ; 
  • Deal ; 
  • Products ; 
  • Compagny ; 
  • Tickets ; 
  • Quotes ; 
  • Feedback Submission ; 
  • Custom objects.

3. Call Out Direct

A block allowing you to make a connection to a DDS directly via a telephone number has been integrated into the IVR Designer.

Mail in directories

Email fields have been added for directory entries. 

Rules engine

In text-based requests (SMS, chat, email), it is possible to extract variables such as regular expressions in order to detect, isolate and transmit important information directly into the agent application, with the aim of contextualising the incoming customer request as well as possible.

Creation of bulk agents

The ability to create bulk agents and SIP accounts from a CSV format in the administrator interface or via API has been integrated. 

For the rest of the new features of this release, see below: 

  • It is now possible to assign a list of CC and CCI format email addresses to a response. There is also an input help for the CC and CCI fields for outgoing interactions.
  • Automatic disconnection of the agent after N failures on a skill queue; 
  • Activating the conferencing and coaching functions ;
  • Several services can be opened and closed en masse. 

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