SAML, Slack, conversation transcription and more

Release of 05/04/2022

1. SAML authentication - Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of SAML authentication to enable Single-Sign-On (SSO) for your users.)

2. Publication in Slack of ViaFlow events on a dedicated channel

Automatically feed events from the ViaFlow platform into your Slack channels. 

3. Nouveau moteur de transcription des conversations Conseiller <> Client

Have a complete transcription engine for the conversation between the caller and the agent. 

Benefit from an overview of : 

  • Allocation of speaking time between callers ; 
  • White time per caller ; 
  • Overlapping speech. 

Improvement of the search engine

Integrate the fields of name, first name, phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your search engine.

New TTS engine

Take advantage of our TTS engine based on our proprietary technologies, allowing you to model 6 different synthetic voices: 

  • 3 male voices 
  • 3 women's voices 

According to 3 age levels for each type of voice.

Creation of standard responses by agents

It is now possible for telephonists to create standard responses by e-mail.

For the rest of the new features of this release, see below: 

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