Optimise your customer relationship with personalized video

Have a one-to-oneconversation with your customers with our personalized video solution

The ViaMotion solution allows you to create dynamically, in real time, professional and scripted animations in the image of your brand. These animations integrate CRM data linked to each of your customers for a personalised communication throughout the customer life cycle.

Why video?

80% of marketing professionals evaluate that video increases sales

90% of customers report that videos help them make a purchase decision

Video allows marketing professionals to achieve 3 key objectives: inform, communicate and sell

Why customisation?

A marketing video gets 3 times more attention if its content is personalized

80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that offers them a personalized experience

Customisation increases profitability and impact of marketing actions

An innovative communication channel

Attract new customers: follow up on a shopping cart abandonment, a request for a quote, a form filled out online, etc.

Simplify complex procedures and information: explanation of invoices, procedure for subscribing to a new contract, new tariff offer, activation of the customer area, etc.

Make additional sales: cross-sell, propose promotional offers, highlight new services

Improve the customer experience: after-sales service/selfcare, activation of the customer area, avoid calls to your customer relations centers, etc.

Build loyalty among your existing customers: customer anniversary, renewal offer, upgrading to a higher subscription level, etc.

A proven methodology for a 5-step project


Definition of communication objectives: define the use cases for your videos with the help of our marketing and sales experts


Video design and creation: create your own video templates with your communication agency or through our network of partner agencies: storyboarding, scripting, voice-overs...


Video production and hosting: generate thousands of personalized videos in complete security and in just a few clicks thanks to ViaMotion technology


Distribution of your video campaigns: distribute your messages by email, SMS or directly on your customers' personal space (customer space)


Analysis and tracking of returns: measure the performance of your video campaigns with our statistical analysis platform: opening rate, click rate, completion rate, etc.

A leverage for customer engagement


Open rate of your emails by integrating a personalized video



Click-through rate of your email campaign


Share of audience viewing a video in its entirety thanks to customization

A solution dedicated to performance

Increase engagement on your marketing messages

Increase the emotional connection between your brand and your customers

Improve the efficiency of your customer relations centres

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