ASR, NLU, NLP, TTS... Artificial Intelligence terminology simplified!

When humans communicate with each other, it often turns into a dialogue of the deaf, so what can be said about exchanges between humans and bots; all the more so when the bot is a conversational agent ! To help everyone find their way around, here is a short glossary of the most common terms used in artificial intelligence (AI)...

ASR, or Automatic Speech Recognition

The "speech recognition software" allows a user (via Google, for example) to make a voice request. The software then transforms this request into text after analysing the context. This context analysis is the key to ASR, as the pronunciation of a phoneme can have several meanings.

Example If I say, in English: "for the time"... Am I referring to "tea time" or to the time: "forty times"? This is where theAI comes in to find the real meaning of my question, according to the context...

The NLU or Natural Language Understanding

Automatic natural language processing " makes it possible to decrypt and analyse messages to define their meaning and extract structured information. It is used, for example, by voice assistants that analyse a request using the meaning of words and a trusted annotator.

Example I want to take a plane from Marseille to Paris on 30 June". The software first detects the intention: "take a plane", then the following entities: Marseille - Paris - 30 June. Thanks to thesemantic analysis of these elements, it understands the request and answers it...

NLP or Natural Language Processing

This technology allows toanalyse and understand human language and to generate interactions, transforming raw data into intelligent conversation. Most natural language processing techniques are based on Deep Learning.

TTS or Text To Speech

The voice synthesizer reads any text instantly and accurately with a clear and natural voice. The software allows you to select a language and a voice type, according to a multitude of choices...

The "DM" or "Dialog Manager

A dialogue manager is a software that decides on actions to be carried out based on the "decision tree" defined when the bot was built. It validates the actions one after the other, after having analysed the context with the servers and by historising the previous conversations...

NLG" or "Natural language generation

NLG is software that provides automated content production. This type of technology can be used, for example, by newsrooms or brands, to exploit large amounts of data to produce quality content that can be shared immediately and at low cost.

Update of the article: 24 January 2022

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