Centralizing customer relations: a major challenge for Sodexo Live!

With the launch of Sodexo Live! Sodexo has reaffirmed its ambition in the world of sports, leisure and events. The decision to launch Sodexo Live! broadens the scope of the previous brand, Sodexo Sports and Leisure. The objective is to strengthen its identity in a market segment where the company is an increasingly international player.

Faced with its rapid growth, Sodexo Live! wanted to implement an effective customer relationship management tool to ensure high availability for its clients. Since 2007, the company has relied on ViaDialog's solutions to deploy and maintain optimal customer service.

  1. A solution adapted to the objectives of Sodexo Live!

2. A rich and comprehensive customer experience

3. An AI-based solution for Sodexo Live!

"The solutions offered by ViaDialog are very flexible and intuitive. The product adapts perfectly to our needs. In addition, our advisors gain in efficiency and comfort! The solution is perfectly suited to teleworking, which is becoming the rule. "
Dominique Chanon
Sales Support Manager

20-40 agents

Paris, France

Services and leisure

A solution adapted to the objectives of Sodexo Live!

Sodexo experienced strong growth in the sports, leisure and events sector, generating revenues of 1.7 billion euro between 2018 and 2019, before the Covid-19 health crisis. The gradual return of events open to the public is a source of numerous opportunities in a structurally growing market.

Before its collaboration with ViaDialog, the company wanted to transform its switchboard into a reservation centre: "We were looking for a tool that would allow us to easily manage the flow of calls and, above all, to be able to monitor our quality of service," explains Dominique Chanon.

He continues: "A general audit made us realise that we needed to create a suitable contact centre. Once the specifications had been drawn up, we studied the main players in the market and ViaDialog immediately won us over with its attractive and competitive offers.

A rich and comprehensive customer experience

" With dynamic routing to advisors, ViaDialog allows us to intelligently manage call peaks. It is indeed important to equip our contact centre with an adapted voice solution in order to control our flow and especially to have access to detailed statistics to optimise productivity and the customer experience!

Indeed, the findings of recent years are clear:

  • The number of customer emails received has doubled in the last 10 years;
  • The group has to handle more than 200,000 calls per year;
  • The conversion of contact forms on websites has greatly increased the number of customer requests to be processed;
  • The telephone channel remains the preferred channel for customers.

" At Sodexo Live! what we have seen evolve over the last few years is the impatience of consumers, across all channels. They expect immediate answers. " 

Indeed, consumer behaviour has changed dramatically. And the implementation of appropriate customer interaction management tools is now more essential than ever!

"[...] Hence my interest in the solutions offered by ViaDialog: the sooner we get back to the customer, the more certain we are of being able to complete a booking quickly."

Client satisfaction is an undeniable asset for Sodexo Live! The key issue is client feedback through the quality of service offered before, during and after the event: opinions, word of mouth, etc.

An AI-based solution for Sodexo Live!

In addition to the flexible solutions offered by ViaDialog, the contribution of artificial intelligence to customer relations is at the heart of our commitments. Indeed,AI allows, above all, a considerable saving of time in the processing of customer requests and it largely complements human intelligence by making it possible to analyse data more exhaustively and to build prediction models of intentions and behaviour. The call centre agent then becomes an augmented agent!

" The important issue of AI is also to help add value to the human being. It is essential to put the human being back at the centre of the customer relationship with the help of technology.t is essential to put the human being at the centre of the customer relationship with the help of technology. And we realise this every day," continues Dominique Chanon.

Thanks to the deployment of the solutions proposed by ViaDialog, the signboard noted a real improvement of the working conditions of its telephoners.

ViaDialog in one sentence? 

"Availability and reliability. At Sodexo Live! we see ViaDialog as a partner and not as a service provider."

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