Hybridize customer relationship channels with common sense!

Algorithms certainly make it possible to go faster! But a smile always makes it possible to seduce... Hence the need to mix machine and human interventions in the customer journey with good sense.

Yesterday's customer relations...

Yesterday's "after-sales services" were - to caricature a little - essentially seen as...

For customers, as a source of expectation, and therefore often of frustration.
For companies, as a cost centre; these costs are becoming exponential with the increase in world trade.
  • Finally, for the agents, tek-l is a job perceived as repetitive and without added value.

Customer relations today...

In the midst of the digital revolution, brands have launched a bidding war of offers and services aimed at enchanting the customer experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered the fray and bots have transformed the landscape of Customer Relationship Services (CRS) and reinvented the relationship channels.

By understanding and interpreting the consumer's requests, the bots interact with databases and, by referring to pre-established scenarios, respond ever more quickly and better to his requests.

But what about the agent's relational intelligence in all this? This is where the "enriched relationship" comes in, through the hybridisation of channels... Or how to put the right dose of Human in the digital, and the right dose of digital in the real world?

The customer relationship of tomorrow...

This is the combination that should lead to the ideal customer experience, thanks to the right mix of relationship channels and sensible combination AI and relationship intelligence.

Indeed, AI now enables robots to do efficiently what they are "better at" than humans: instant and relevant answers to many and varied requests.

So let the Human intervene in what it can do better than a programme: understand and intelligently manage complex problems, innovate, personalise, be creative and finally, perfect the customer relationship.

To do this, it draws on its relational and emotional intelligence, which machines have so far lacked.

Thus, the true revolution of artificial intelligence will only be of value in combination with human intelligence, allowing the strengths and weaknesses of each to be leveraged to continue to innovate and provide better services.

This is when customer relations will definitely become :

  • For customers: a source of surprise and satisfaction,
  • For companies: a centre for technological innovation and commercial differentiation,
  • For agents: a job with high added value and a permanent challenge!

ViaFlow, your omnichannel customer relationship management ally 

To meet this major challenge in customer relations, ViaDialog has designed an innovative solution resolutely focused on the deployment of a purely omnichannel customer journey.

ViaFlow allows to treat the whole of the customer interactions through a unified interface thus offering a 360° vision to the agents in the contact centres! All the channels of the customer relationship are thus gathered within a single platform, just like the history of the exchanges with the customer, increasing the fluidity of the answer brought and its efficiency. Agents can thus move from one channel to another, while preserving the complete contextualisation of the exchange.

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