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How to combine artificial intelligence and relational intelligence?

Do you want artificial or relational intelligence? Both, sir!

The customer is no longer just a King, he is a true Despot... He wants EVERYTHING and demands to be constantly surprised, fulfilled, considered, delighted, pampered. To meet all these demands, human beings are no longer enough.

So, customer relations have called on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and have gained in speed, efficiency and productivity. But the consumer reminds us that he also has a little heart that beats and that if AI satisfies his need for immediacy, it does not meet his relational need... So, back to the human to sprinkle all this with a little emotion. In short, to satisfy the 3.0 consumer, there is no other choice than to combine artificial intelligence and relational intelligence. But then, how to find the ideal mix?

Machines to answer all the time and on all subjects

With the recent events linked to the Covid-19 global health crisis and the growing importance of online commerce, customer relations cycles are getting out of control. The challenge is therefore to communicate quickly and well in order to satisfy a maximum number of customers and prospects in record time. To avoid overloading the Customer Relationship Services (CRS), it has become imperative to relieve the agents by automating the responses to the most common requests. This is where voicebots come into play conversational agents capable of interacting with a human being. Thanks to AI, they are able to understand, analyse and interpret requests expressed in natural language in order to provide an immediate answer to the question asked, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, Internet users generally shop in the evening and at weekends. Bots make it possible to match customers' needs with the availability of brands. Thanks to them, customer relations never sleep!

Humans to infuse emotion and imagination

So what is "Relational Intelligence", that precious commodity that robots cannot yet take away? It is a set of qualities, or skills, that enable us to build and maintain constructive, harmonious and lasting relationships. They are based onemotional intelligence on the one hand, andsocial intelligence on the other. They allow us to detect and take into account the need(s) of a third party, and to interact with this third party to satisfy these need(s). These interactions generate trust, emotion, loyalty, etc., all values that a bot will never be able to create, that an algorithm will never be able to replace. This is the winning duo of a "seamless" Customer Relations Service: a machine that responds 24 hours a day, doing its best to personalise exchanges; combined with a human who is present at all times, but who knows, understands and surprises the customer! 

Increase your customer relationship with ViaSpeech

This desire to combine artificial intelligence and relational intelligence in the service of customer relations has manifested itself at ViaDialog through the development of ViaSpeech

ViaSpeech now offers a range of voicebot and callbot products for the automation of the customer journey in natural language thanks to tools that can be integrated directly into your voice servers. Would you like to know more? Our teams are available to help you accompany at all stages of your projects!

Update of the article: 01 December 2021

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