3 key techniques for enhancing customer engagement

Following the digital revolution that has marked our last two decades, the consumer has evolved. They have now become "Consum'actors". Highly informed, committed, prescriber, his expectations have changed. Promotional buying and mass consumption no longer correspond to them. How can you strengthen your company's relationship with these new consumers?

  •  Give them an experience

The consumer is no longer interested in your product in itself but in the benefits it will bring him. Eager for dialogue, proximity and authenticity, they are simply looking for an Experience. The modern-day consumer needs to dream, to feel privileged, to live a unique experience. This Experience is now the number one factor that will drive them towards your brand or make them want to remain loyal... ahead of advice from friends or social networks (IPSOS).

  •  Get to know your customers

To make this Experience memorable, you must create a unique and Exclusive relationship with your customers. Listen to them: why do they like you? Why did they choose you? By placing their needs at the heart of your strategy, you will be all the more relevant in anticipating their desires, solicitations or omnichannel paths that you address to them.

  •  Appeal to their emotions

Thanks to the connection you have now built with your customers, you have all the keys in hand to encourage them to share and recommend. Your best asset? A creative, emotional and original content strategy. Video now represents 60% of web traffic. This format will allow you to enhance your storytelling and personalise your messages. By creating emotion through intelligent and affective content, you will transform your audience into active internet users.

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Update of the article: 04 February 2022

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