The 1st intelligent and codable platform
for customer interactions

From software to floware

ViaFlow is the first natively omnichannel solution that allows all customer interactions to be handled through a unified interface offering a 360° live customer view.

Your customer interactions are managed within cases in which your agents can perform their business actions in interactive widgets thanks to our SDK. Switch from software to floware and improve the quality of your agents' work while increasing customer satisfaction and optimising the operating costs of your contact center.

Take advantage of native omnichannel

A platform that natively integrates all customer relations channels: voice, video, live chat, email, SMS/MMS, social networks

Provide your customers with a consistent and seamless experience

ViaFlow can be deployed quickly on site, online, or both, to perfectly fit your organisation's operation

Artificial intelligence for your agents,
and your customers

An intelligent platform: integration of our voice and text AI technologies (ASR, NLP & NLU)

Automation of agents' workflows (data entry assistance, dialogue automation, etc.) to relieve them of redundant tasks

Improving the quality and speed of processing customer requests

Code your entire business thanks to floware

Tools designed for your developers: SDK, API documentation, integration templates...

Benefit from tailor-made support with a dedicated technological contact

Process all of your customer interactions in the form of cases

Your agents perform all their business actions (taking an order, collecting a payment, updating a price list, etc.) within interactive widgets

Automatic pre-filling of information in widgets thanks to context awareness

Floware: a concrete contribution for each stakeholder

Increase the productivity of your call centers agents by saving them time in the execution of their business actions

Improve customer satisfaction by reducing the processing time of their request

Optimise your customer contact center operating costs by reducing your licence costs

Get a 360° live customer view

Native connectors with CIM/CRM tools on the market: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZenDesk, etc.

Aggregation of data from autonomous tools within a unified interface

Give your agents a 360° live customer view by avoiding the need to switch from one software to another: detailed information on the customer, quick access to the history of the cases, etc.

A platform compatible with the challenges of home office

Embedded softphone

Secure access and secured

Small hardware footprint


Sufficient ADSL and/or 4G tethering connection

Manage your business in real time

Take advantage of an innovative dashboard dashboard

Monitor all your interactions live

Monitor the status of your agents in real time 

Analyse the performance of your contact center and your agents

Create your own reports

A platform with over a hundred features

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