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ViaDialog Talks #1: How is voice AI making its way into contact centres?

In this webinar, Ariane Nabeth-Halber, Director of Speech/IA at ViaDialog, discusses natural language greetings in CRCs.

ViaDialog Talks #2: Augmented Customer Relations: what added value for an optimised customer service?

Discover in 45 minutes with Gil Monin, General Manager Business and Nicholas Takooree, VP Product how to boost the customer experience to make it fluid, rich and engaging. The program includes an exclusive demo of our ViaFlow solution!

ViaDialog Talks #3 : ISO 22301 standard : What are the stakes for a sustainable customer relationship ?

In 45min, zoom in on the challenges of the ISO22301 standard to guarantee optimal customer relations and how, since 2018, ViaDialog continues to honour its commitments on a daily basis thanks to our Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) certification initiative.

ViaDialog Talks #4 x Voxpay: How to optimize customer relations with secure remote payment?

Discover our latest issue with Voxpay on the challenges of secure payment for customer relations. An optimal customer experience requires a payment solution that is both efficient and secure.

Digital Habitat 2024: Voice AI for augmented agents and supervisors

Find out at the fifth edition of the Connected Housing Days, how voice AI can provide concrete solutions to the challenges facing the real estate sector. 🏡

Digital Habitat 2024: How Partelios reduced processing time for tenant requests

Discover how the integration of ViaDialog and Efficy solutions has enabled Partélios Habitat to optimize business processes, improve customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.