Increase your customer relationship thanks to artificial intelligence

Tailor-made voice assistants to increase your customer relationship

The ViaSpeech solution provides a native French ASR engine, a linguistic corpus management tool, a dialog orchestrator and a real-time flow supervision module. Together, these tools allow the creation of voicebots/callbots/assistants that can be integrated into your voice servers, from connected speakers, your website and your mobile applications.

Based on 20 years of R&D, ViaSpeech is today the most widely used solution in France for the reception, routing and automation of customer journeys in natural language. Our solutions can be deployed in your infrastructures, in the Cloud and in hybrid mode.

Voicebot: conversational assistant for customer relationship

Voice AI for customer interactions

Launched in 2018 following the acquisition of several technologies, ViaSpeech is the artificial intelligence department of ViaDialog

After 2 years of R&D with major customers, ViaSpeech now offers a range of voicebots and voice-commerce solutions available on traditional telecom networks as well as on the most innovative media

ViaSpeech is an agile, innovative department based on a unique philosophy, the TESSA : transparency; eco-responsibility; simplicity; security; accompanying

A speech recognition engine from French research

ViaSpeech embeds the TeliSpeech engine, created by the CNET and backed by 20 years of continuous R&D

Version 4.5 deployed since 2017 combines neural network learning with HMM-based prediction for ultra-low latency and high scalability performance

For each of our clients, we produce a dedicated semantic model and acoustic model to optimize the performance of natural language recognition for specific industries

NLP and NLU tools, based on the most widespread technologies, significantly increase the understanding of recognized language elements

Combined with ViaCorpus, our semantic field management tool, ViaSpeech's performance offers the best cost/efficiency ratio on the market

Expertise in dialogue automation
voice & text

A proven methodology

A multidisciplinary and experienced team

Convincing results in industrial applications

Many customers in production

Guaranteed SLAs

Your IVR in natural language

Understand your customers' call reasons in real time 

Reduce bounces and relieve your agents of redundant tasks

Maximize resources and costs in your customer relationship centers

A customer journey orchestration tool that can be integrated into your infrastructure

Native interfacing with Genesys, Avaya, Cisco...

Universal interoperability via MRCP v1/v2

60ms latency and 100 concurrent ports with only 8 vCPUs

High availability and native load sharing

Your tailor-made voice commerce solution

Benefit from our voice commerce tools to facilitate your order cycles

Target customers who are far from digital solutions

Create new acquisition channels focused on the customer’s voice

Personalize the customer experience through a tone and possibly a brand voice

Voice commerce: concrete applications as a source of high added value

Phone & collect: deploy a telephone ordering system that returns the order directly to the sales staff or to a customer relations center by e-mail

Phone & survey: personalize and humanize your satisfaction survey operations by conducting them directly over the phone

Phone & purchase: implement your own conversational assistant accompanying the customer in his purchase process on the basis of a product catalogue

Automated payment to ensure a complete voice commerce loop

Key figures


of customer calls handled in natural language by 2020


Of reasons for appeal detected and treated


Misdirected calls



Customers in production

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