The industrialization solution for
outbound & inbound campaigns

Optimise your sales performance

ViaLeads is a 100% cloud solution natively combining several predictive call engines and a scripting tool specially developed for customer relations centers. Boost your sales efficiency by automating your inbound and outbound call campaigns. Monitor your performance and consolidate your KPIs via business supervision interfaces. Benefit from a high-availability, fully-secured, redundant solution running on operational platforms 24/7.

A solution adapted to your needs

Project detection and qualification

Sales and marketing of products or services

Support and assistance

Personalized dunning and collection

Web callback

Scheduling appointments

Surveys, satisfaction, NPS calculation, polls, qualitative studies...

A tool designed for operational staff

Complete settings: campaign configuration (teams, schedules, type of distribution, etc.); unlimited import of contacts; list segmentation; configurable dynamic script

Real-time production monitoring

Campaign reports: reachability rate, task processing qualification, etc.

Detailed statistics, by call center, group, department/hour, day, month...

Customisable supervision screen

Automated reporting and exports

Powerful call engines to boost your
sales activity

Preview call engine: task automatically presented to the agent, manual triggering of the action by the agent

Progressive call engine: task automatically presented to the agent, automatic dialling of numbers in the task

Predictive call engine: call optimisation with configurable ratio, detection of failures (answering machine, busy, etc.) with configuration of reminders, optional message drop or SMS sending

Click to call: manual call triggering from the business application

On demand, scheduled or random recording

Key figures


productivity for your sales force


webservices to easily integrate ViaLeads into your business tools 

100% web

a platform that can be fully controlled from the web

An easily integrated solution

Customised web services to easily integrate all our functionalities into your business tools (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, ZenDesk, easiware, etc.) and deploy our modules on your communication platforms (Genesys, Avaya, Cisco, Alcatel, etc.)

Provisioning API: creation of contact bases, campaigns, agents, teams, etc.

Real-time feedback on call reception and transmission

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