ViaDialog is the 17th French company to be ISO 22301 certified

A guarantee of quality

L’ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). ISO 22301 is therefore the first international standard for the management of business continuity. It was developed to help organisations minimise the risks associated with a crisis situation. 

ViaDialog is ISO 22301 certified since 2018!

And probably the first medium-sized company (MSE) to have voluntarily taken this step, without having been asked to do so by a client administration or as part of a demanding call for tender.

We did this because since 2004 we have been the forerunner in SaaS contact center solutions.

During our 15 years of activity and thanks to our positive experiences, such as the threefold increase in our volumes processed in one year, or negative ones, such as the impacts resulting from incidents, we have acquired a fundamental certainty:

  • QoS is the main issue for our customers. Before the functional richness, before the quality of the commercial relationship, it is fundamental to have a reliable solution with high availability. 1% unavailability over a year for a contact center open 10 hours/day and 6 days/week means 31 hours without telephone, email or chat. That is 3 full days of technical unemployment for your teams.

We are fully aware of these challenges. So we spontaneously took the initiative to have our Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) certified by an independent body within the framework of the ISO 22301 standard, which represents the state of the art in business continuity.

This certification took us 18 months of hard work. It required the creation of a dedicated team and the support of expert consultants.

Under the responsibility of our Chief Operating Officer and our SMCA Manager, we reviewed each of the processes necessary to ensure the earliest possible recovery in the event of an incident. This painstaking work produced its first results even before the certificate was issued by AFNOR on 22 March 2018 and renewed on 19 February 2019.

Our QoS for the year 2018 reached 99.955%.

For a good implementation of ISO 22301, organisations must have a good understanding of its requirements!

For this reason, all staff at ViaDialog employees were trained and made aware of QoS during this process and continue to be actively trained. From our sales department to our administrative and financial management, all our employees now speak the language of 'service continuity'.

Because that is our first commitment to each of our customers!

Provide a reliable, operational platform with certified disaster recovery processes, and there will probably be incidents in the future.

We live in a world of complex technologies at the crossroads of telecommunications and the Internet. We depend on operating systems that are still full of flaws. This is sometimes also the case for the microprocessors that equip our servers. The optical links that connect our data centres can be damaged. Our internet connections can be attacked. A fire, a flood, a simple human error or a hostile intrusion can impact our services.

But now, for each of these causes, we have a precise and operational action plan that guarantees the minimum recovery time. And this time is all the shorter because we operate two ISO data centres.

Since 2015, we have also undertaken a complete overhaul of our production back end by adopting a multi-site architecture which now allows us to run all our applications in active/active mode.

We always strive to be worthy of our customers' trust and to earn their lasting loyalty! 

Update of the article: 21 October 2021

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