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Real-time coaching, PBX & SMS and email from the IVR designer

05/10/2021: Coache your agents in real time, benefit from a complete PBX module, send emails and SMS directly into your IVR and much more

Messenger, Hubspot, Call Out Direct and more

10/11/2021: Collect your incoming messages on Facebook Messenger, boost your CRM data from Hubspot, exchange via a direct number integrated in the IVR Designer and more

Social media integration, CRM, audio transcription and more

15/01/2022: Collect your incoming messages on Instagram and Twitter, integrate your CRM data from ViaFlow and receive the transcription of a voice note in your email.

SAML, Slack, conversation transcription and more

05/04/2022: Benefit from SAML authentication, find your ViaFlow events in Slack, have a full agent/caller transcription engine and more

Compliance Management, IVR Designer ACD, Skill Groups, Agent Status and more

07/07/2022: Define a compliance grid for your agents, position your agents in skill groups, easily change availability statuses across all channels and more

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